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Who We Are

TC Photography is a modern day "mom and pop" type business. We are a husband and wife duo, Tom and Courtney. TC Photography started in 2012 after a few friends asked us to photograph their wedding. At the time, I didn't have a ton of equipment or experience but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get paid to do what I love. Not having any intentions of starting a businessI started out with a cheap entry level DSLR (I won't mention any brands) that I bought in college. I quickly realized I needed to upgrade to a professional camera if I was going to charge clients for my work. I did not have any money saved up, so I did what any young man in his 20's would do, I sold my 1996 Mustang GT for $2,400. (I sure do miss that car). With the sale of the Mustang, I bought my first professional camera and started TC Photography. 


Courtney thought I was crazy to sell my car to buy a camera, but she supported my decision to start my own business. Courtney and I married in 2011 after being together for 5 years prior. We bought a house and planned a wedding all within a few weeks of each other. One of those things is stressful enough, but both? That can push someone over the top! We don't have any kids, but we do have one adorable little cavachon puppy (she's 7 now, but we still call her our puppy).


In 2012, I had a opportunity to contract as a wedding photographer for David's Bridal. I immediatley said yes! They took care of running the business end of it, I simply showed up and took the pictures. It was valuable experience that I needed at the time. I did that for a year until I got a phone call from David's Bridal telling me the corporation was recently sold. The new owners decided they wanted to focus on their core product, which is their dresses, and to shut down the photography division. I couldn't believe it. Little did I know it opened up the opportunity to meet even more brides. Shortly after they closed their photography division I recieved another phone call from their vendor parternship program asking if I wanted to be the exclusive photographer for the Charleston, WV David's Bridal. The only David's Bridal in the entire state, mind you. I accepted and have been their go-to photographer since 2014. You can find my display and photo albums on a table in their store. 


My wife and I work great together. As the primary photographer, I am always thinking about the more technical details like the composition and lighting of the image. Courtney tends to focus more on the creative details of the pictures such as the poses and locations. She is always straightening out the dress, moving hair out of brides faces and making sure you don't look awkward in your pose. Ask any bride we have had the pleasure of photographing, they will tell you she is basically another bridesmaid! 


Photography has always been a passion of mine. I love the emotion a photograph can convey. As a wedding photographer there is a lot of pressure to get the perfect shots. You only have one opportunity to capture the first kiss, the first cut of the cake, the first look etc. Don't leave that up to just anyone. When a couple decides to book us as their photographer, it is truly an honor. I take pride in my art work. My number one goal is to make sure each couple is excited about their pictures. I want their wedding photos to be the best pictures they have ever taken. After all, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 


- Tom & Courtney

TC Photography



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